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During thefirst and second of November, Mexicans celebrate death and the remembrance of their deceased family, friends, and relatives, this is known as Dias de los Muertos, or Days of the Dead. The families of the dead prepare an alter in their home by using boxes to form a pyramid shape and a white table cloth to cover it. Candles are lit to represent each dead family member, as well as four candles to signify the four cardinal directions, along with flowers, and food and drink are prepared. For the family and friends of the dead, this is a time of healing and acceptance.
In Mexico, death is not feared, but rather considered as a reward from life. It is also believed that it is the next phase of life. Family members welcome back the deceased into their homes. The alters have items on them which each symbolize something. For example, water, salt, and bread are used for purification, season food, and represent necessities for continued existence. Materials of hygiene are also placed at the alter so the spirits are cleansed upon their return. Calaveras are hand crafted skeletons also placed at the alter to represent each loved one and their character and hobbies. Another symbol used is copal which is the sap of a Mexican tree. It is burned as incense to ward off evil and to attract spirits to their homes.
The tradition of Dias de los Muertos began when the Celtic dead had access to earth on October 31st. They celebrated, wearing animal heads and hides, dancing, and burning crops and animals in huge bonfires as contributions to the dead. Then, the church set November 2nd as All Souls' Day to honor the dead. This was celebrated by people who dressed up as saints, angels, and devils, along with bonfires and parades. However this tradition was not completely accepted and today, All Saint's day and All Souls day honor the dead with color and candles.
I think this holiday is a good way for families and friends to remember…