It slurp noodles or roll them up

It is said that Ramen Noodles are one of America's favorite quick and easy dinners.However without the proper tools and directions, the great American dinner is nothing more than a packet of raw noodles.There are four simple steps to creating this great meal.
Picking the proper flavoring is thefirst step to making Ramen Noodles.Go to your grocery store where you can find a wide variety of flavors, ranging from beef to teriyaki chicken.They usually run about thirty two cents a packet.So if you can't decide on a flavor go ahead and splurge and buy yourself two.If you go to the grocery store on a sale day you can even find them at ten for a dollar.
Once you have chosen the flavor that best suits your taste buds, the second step is making sure you have all the right tools at your house to make the Ramen Noodles.You need about a two quart pan and a large stirring spoon.Next you need to find a one-cup measuring cup, and make sure you have a water faucet with drinkable water.After you have all the necessary equipment for making Ramen Noodles then you are ready to cook away.
Third step in making Ramen Noodles is to get your one-cup measuring cup and fill it up to the top with water and pour it into your two quart pan.Then fill your cup up one more time because you need two cups of water for Ramen Noodles.Put thepan on the burner on medium heat.Let the water boil, but make sure and watch it so it doesn't run over the sides of the pan.
The fourth step is to add the noodles into the boiling water.If you don't like to slurp noodles or roll them up on you spoon like spaghetti, then you can break them up in the packet.But don't forget to remove the seasoning packet before you add or break the noodles.Take it out and set it on the counter until it is time to use it.If you decide on breaking the noodles up, set the packet on the counter and place the palms of your hand on t…