International The other reason is high prices.Great Britain

International students in Great Britain have many difficulties with English culture.On the one hand, the main aim for the international students is to receive knowledge.From the other side culture influences much on the achievements of foreign students.In Great Britain, the most difficult is to get used to English laws, culture and prices.
The laws in Great Britain are very strict and they differ much from the laws in other countries.In addition, there is no way to overcome them.For example, people must be more than eighteen years old to enter nightclub and there is no way to enter it, unless you are eighteen years old.Unfortunately, in Great Britain there are not many places where students can relax themselves and nightclubs are one of those places.
The nextdifficulty for international student is English culture.The main problem of English culture is strange sense of humor.Sometimes people do not know should they laugh on the jokes or no.However, there are many other problems of English culture like strange accent of British people, unusual food and driving on the left side.
The other reason is high prices.Great Britain is one of the most expensive countries in the whole word.Moreover, if to speak about international students they sometimes even do not have enough money to eat in McDonalds or go to the cinema.
In conclusion, level of education in Great Britain is very high, but there are still many problems for international students.Despite on this, Great Britain is the perfect place for international students to receive a good knowledge.