Most cultural diffusion. In the movie The

Most cultures, if not all, are influenced by other cultures and civilizations through cultural diffusion. In the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy the Khoisan people's culture is infiltrated by modern influence. Similarly, the Japanese culture, during the Heian period, was greatly influenced by China. Although both the Khoisan people and the Japanese initially accepted the new cultural influence, in the end, the Khoisan people rejected the modern influence completely, while the Japanese modified Chinese influence to be part of their own unique culture.
The enthusiasm the cultural influence caused the Japanese and the Khoisan people was great and instigated both to primarily accept the new cultural influence. When the Coca Cola bottle descended from the sky towards the Khoisan people, they believed the gods had sent it to them and used the modern influence as much as they could. With the same amount of fascination, the Japanese welcomed Chinese influence by trading with China and sending mission groups to study the Chinese way of life and bringing back the information to Japan. The Khoisan people began using the Coca Cola bottle in any way possible, jobs they could do fine without the object soon became unachievable without the object. The Japanese began to change their way of life to make it more like the Chinese way of life, altering customs which did not need alterations just so they could compare closely to the Chinese. The Japanese and Khoisan people associate strongly because both cultures were adequate ways of life but their eagerness to accept new cultures caused these two cultures to acknowledge cultural influence when they truly did not need it.
In time the Khoisan people and the Japanese lose interest in the influences that they were once so enthusiastic about, but both cultures went about discarding the influence differently. The Khoisan people sent…