Cuff designed for the male gender.Cuff links

Cuff links are part of men’s accessories, like neckties, bow ties, belts, hat, and wallet. The fast selling cuff links in the market today are silver cuff links.Silver cuff links were not an acceptable color for both male and female accessories fifty years ago. Silver is considered as merely a second rater color compared to gold. For this reason, silver cuff links were not offered for sale to public.In our modern world, fewer men wore cuff links. Silver cuff links or not, cuff links often stayed in shelves, not bought. Men thought that gold were so striking and excessively designed for the male gender.Cuff links designers think of ways on how to upsurge sales of cuff links. They tried to know why there has been a decline of sales in the cuff links department since fifty years ago. After some research, they have known that the decline in research may be attributed to design. Men respond appreciatively with silver cuff links.Men see silver cuff links as sophisticated and modern. Modern because silver resembles metallic colors and metallic colors are associated with technology and modernity.Designs of silver cuff links are mostly simple. Modern men don’t like the crested or intricately patterned cuff links. A simple name initials or a frosting in color are among the best selling designs of silver cuff links.Silver cuff links also appeal to women. Yes, women these days are now also wearing cuff links and they favor silver cuff links than any other color. Why? Silver cuff links, although striking, do not look as formal as a gold cuff link. Silver cuff links can be worn in any occasion.Designs of silver cuff linksFor people who are on the go and value their time, a pair of watch designed silver cuff links will do them a favor. They can at time through their cuff links whenever they find the need.For people who love sports, silver cuff links with sporty design is the perfect pair for them. If they wear these sporty silver cuff links during a client meeting, their client will know that they love sports.For women who want to look elegant, they may purchase a silver cuff link adorned with precious or semi-precious gems or stones. When to wear silver cuff linksSilver cuff links may be worn on special occasions such as wedding, debut, evening party or cocktail party. Silver cuff links may also be worn everyday, at the office or when there is a client call.With the simple designs of cuff links these days, wearing them at work won’t make the wearer look too formal. Where to buy silver cuff link?Silver cuff links can be bought at the accessories section of any department store or at designer stores or suit maker. You can buy personalized silver cuff links at any silver accessories manufacturer. If a store offers a silver bracelet, earrings, rings and necklace, there’s a big chance that that store also offers silver cuff links.