“Crypto lookout for. #3 Have you ever heard

“Crypto currency”, the World wasn’t familiar with this term but in
past few years, it took everyone by storm. Even people from the third world
countries were involved. Since everyone is keeping an eye on the hottest
Upcoming ICOs, here we will be discussing Top 5 Upcoming ICOs in February 2018.


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Vehicle Lifecycle Block chain which starts Feb 5, 2018. The concept
is based on vehicle life cycle industry which has an annual turnover of $ 1.8
Trillion. This concept will result in low maintenance costs which will lower
the insurance cost and increase vehicle resale value. This is definitely
something to keep an eye on.


Deed Coin is a US based ICO which starts Feb 19, 2018. This block
chain of the real estate industry is claiming to reduce the commissions by a
whopping 80%.  Platform will distribute
tokens on the launch which will create a network and people needing agents will
also get fair price. Considering the evergreen nature of real estate industry,
Deed Coin is unquestionably the ICO to lookout for.


Have you ever heard of the term “Internet of Things”? Starting Feb
21, 2018 GLUON combines IoT with vehicles which will enable the vehicle to
forewarn the owner. This will revolutionize how preventive maintenance works
and the owner hasn’t to worry about the vehicle health ever. Bearing in mind
the futuristic aspects GLUON has everything to get our attention.


Another US based ICO which starts Feb 1, 2018 is Opporty. This
project aims decentralized, work-focused, and self-administered community to enhance
productivity. This will provide platform for individual service providers to
buy and sell services. The large canvas of Opporty is the reason to look into


One more US based ICO which starts Feb 19, 2018 is Kora Network.
This project aims financial inclusion to every person around the world,
specially the unbanked. This enables 2.5 million unbanked people to maintain
credit history. Ordinary banks are soft target because of huge stacks of hard
cash. With Kora your money is safe. The idea is simple yet very creative which
makes it the hottest ICO of February 2018.