Alan finds this out it is proven

Alan Patton in Cry, the Beloved Country shows how two men who are of different colors who live in a very segregated place can live parallel lives. He shows this through two characters in this book Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis.
Book one, introduces Kumalo as the protagonist and sets up the plot for what will happen later on in the book. This book also describes Kumalo's Journey through Johannesburg. It shows Johannesburg to be the antagonist because it is filled with racism, crime and poverty. The effects of this town on Kumalo are shown when Kumalo says, "Cry for the broken tribe, for the law and the custom is gone oh Cry, the beloved country, these things are not yet at an end." (105). By saying this Kumalo is implies that this town is a bad influence on peoples lives. While Kumalo visits Johannesburg msimangu tells him, "She (your sister) has many husbands" (53). When Kumalo finds this out it is proven to him the by living in Johannesburg people lives are touches negatively. Kumalo also while visiting Johannesburg finds out some more negative information, He finds out that his son is a criminal. When Kumalo find this out he is sure that this city has his family in a trap.
Book two, describes how James Jarvis also thinks that Johannesburg is a city that has a negative influence on people. While Jarvis was on his plantation a police officer came to him and said, "Yes, Mr. Jarvis (your son is dead). He was shot dead at 1:30 pm this afternoon in Johannesburg"(165). When Jarvis herd this he quivered this showed that Jarvis was thinking about how Johannesburg played a negative role on peoples lives and how the people in Johannesburg are evil. In this book it also shows when Kumalo and Jarvis meet for thefirst time. Theirfirst confrontation was full of emotion and tension. While Kumalo is at Jarvis' house he says, "This thing is the heaviest thing of all my years, is the heaviest thin