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Cristian RochaPeriod. 5World Geo.1/12/18The United Kingdom has a long history with the world and herself with a variety of history, and culture unlike that around Europe, with people from all over the world. The United Kingdom has attractions that bring people from all over to attractions like Big Ben, The London Tower, and Stonehenge. At the heart of Europe you can travel around the countries surrounding the UK like, Spain, France, and other European countries. The premier league offers a variety of challenges of teams and the fight for making it on top of the whole league with 20 different teams and with different strategies to win games making it challenging for any team to score that needed goal.Playing for any team in Europe is hard and challenging, but as well as fun and exciting. Around 500 million people watch this league worldwide. My teams ranking is atop of the list with 15 wins and only one draw. Joining my team comes with benefits and you’ll be able to see many famous attractions throughout the United Kingdom. The team is a whole working machine able to win games and coordinate together and under pressure it works well. I think you could be the oil needed to loosen our gears enabling us to gain glory and be challenged by bigger and more experienced teams in friendly matches testing our team.The United Kingdom has many celebrations like the Queen’s Birthday on the second Saturday in June and other celebrations like the Bank Holidays: May Day, celebrated on 1st May, Spring Bank Holiday on the last weekend of May, and the Summer Bank Holiday on the last weekend of August. The Bank Holidays take place at the weekend with most other businesses and institutions closed on the following Monday. The food may not be iconic there are some traditional foods in the United Kingdom as well as traditional British beers. The English breakfast and fish and chips are the most iconic dishes in the UK and the most memorable. With the combination of food and culture of the world in The United Kingdom you’ll be able to experience it all.”The European Union is the biggest exporter in the world and the second biggest importer. And it accounts for almost a third of the world’s GDP.” With being one of the biggest exporters in the world they would bring in amounts of goods from around the world. Allowing to be able to taste the world’s wonders at your doorstep. As you might feel home sick you could always try local cuisine or some home made cuisine that’ll remind you of home. Our team with diversity is also a family as we all should support each other to have more chemistry sorta speak.Finally, I urge you to move to my country to join my team as it has more benefits to your liking. The UK is very unique in its own way. It has seen many tragedies and many glories in her days. Although she is old her country men have been loyal since the beginning. My country has many ways to entertain and exsite you and the same time you can experience what could be known as “The Heart Of Europe”. Being able to go and see any of Europe’s countries like France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. The league you’d be joining is exciting and rushing so i hope to see you on the field soon.Work Cited:”The Top 10 Things to Do in United Kingdom 2017 – Must See Attractions in United Kingdom.” TripAdvisor, “Home.” UK – Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette | Global-Etiquette | Resources, Association, Daniel Bentley Press. “Brown: Britain Must Be at Heart of Europe.” The Independent, Independent Digital News and Media, 23 Nov. 2009,