Introduction these predictions have all been erroneous (1).


I chose to write about the possibility of the world coming to an end in 2012 because the topic has attracted global attention as a number of individuals have taken drastic measures such as selling off their worldly possession and even committing suicide in preparation for the end of the world.

However, as the discussion in this paper will show, there have been many predictions since time immemorial made by the scientists and religious adherents about the possibility of the world coming to an end, with both sides suggesting a number of evidences to back their claims.

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Christian and Scientific predictions

Although there have been a myriad of end of the world predictions made by great minds, one thing has remained constant. According to Crabtree, these predictions have all been erroneous (1).

There have been different types of apocalyptic predictions about 2012. According to The Voice Magazine, an online publication, the bible prophesized about the end of the world but it does not state when this will happen. Jesus Christ gave signs that would usher apocalypse.

These signs include; emergence of false prophets; wars; famines; earthquakes; and deceptions, among others (Robertson 3). However, the world cannot end in 2012 since several biblical prophesies such as the emergence of anti Christ, a unified world, and the Battle of Armageddon have not occurred (Robertson 4).

On the scientific front, there have been technology based apocalyptic prophecies, based on the nuclear arm race which has led to the predictions that the human species is on course from total self-destruction. Some scientists have also claimed that some celestial aliens with superior technologies would emerge and wipe out the entire human race (Crabtree 2).

The present publicity in relation to the end of the world in 2012 is attributed to Harold Camping who has predicted the demise will take place on December 21, 2012.

The Mayans were the first to attempt to predict the demise of the world using scientific methods. The Mayan star-gazer studied movement of stars to predict the end of the world. However, their lack of adequate knowledge about cosmology, the Milky Way and solar system limited their ability to make any rational calculations about the end of the world.

According to the Mayan’s predictions, the end of Mayan Great Cycle will occur in December 23, 2012. However, there are a number of discrepancies on whether the present cycle of the world will entail the demise of the world itself (Finney 3).

The 2012 proponents

Accordingly, the proponents of the 2012 date make sensible arguments about the end of the world. As a matter of fact, they point to some elements of evidence that general point to 2012 apocalypse. These include a fairly accurate time for the spiraling from the Age of Pisces to one of Aquarius in 2011.

Moreover, the proponents of 2012 show how the planet Venus acts in an extremely exceptional ways at the start and end of the frequently utilized set of dates. This is related with the emergence of Venus on the horizon at the first sign of light at certain precise time of the year.

Cotterell shows this to be a strongly emblematic event to the ‘Birth of Venus’, a Mayan’s belief. Other scientists also assert that the Earth will comes into configuration with the axis of the Milky Way Galaxy on 2012, and that linear time stop working at that point (Finney 6).

According to Islam, there will be a major disaster that will destroy 60 percent of the world population. The continents will shift and given the enormous alterations in plants, humans and animals will die in big numbers since food will not be available. This event is expected to occur in 2012 although the Quran does not confirm this.

The book however predicts that there will be some kinds of meteorites that will alter the earth axis. This will result in the sun rising from the West. During this period, daylight will be prolonged as the earth shifts into a new axis position. Prophet Muhammad directed Muslims that during this period, they should split up the day evenly to observe their praying schedules (Bilal 2).

Islam predicts that an individual, named Mehdi will emerge and assemble the Muslim who oppose the Anti-Christ and fight him. However, Mehdi and his legion will be engaged in a losing war. The Anti-Christ will invade the walls of Medina and Mecca but will be unable to gain entry. Jesus will descend in Jerusalem as a prophet and slay the Anti-Christ one of the gates of Jerusalem.

There are other sign that will mark the end of the world according to Islam: murder will be deemed a trivial act; men will be paid for their reproductive organs; individuals making honest income will be ridiculed while those making income via unscrupulous means will be hailed; Homosexuality will be prevalent and corruption will be the order of the day; incidences of divorce will be prevalent; evil and goodness will be considered in equal measure; men will nurture their hair in ladylike style; and liars will be accepted as authentic witnesses (Bilal 4).

However, the Quran states that neither angels nor humans have the knowledge of Qiyamah. The precise time of the Doomsday is neither stated in Haddith nor Quran. Only Allah knows when the world will end (WordPress 3).

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