Corporate of the world. There is an idea

Corporate social
responsibility, which is often abbreviated “CSR,” is known as a
corporation’s inventiveness to evaluate and take responsibility for the
company’s effects on environmental and social welfare. CSR is also be referred
to as “corporate citizenship” and can involve sustaining short-term
costs that do not provide an immediate financial benefit to the company, but
instead promote positive social and environmental change (Investopedia 2018).

all corporations most of the CEOs in the company’s will have a high interest in
Corporate Social Responsibility, and then there are a few that believe that a
place of business is no place for CSR and do not need to use this idea to solve
the problems of the world. There is an idea that these corporations can and
even should do whatever they can to solve some of the world’s most challenging
problems, like poverty, disease, and even climate change. These problems are
literally at the core of the CSR. Of course this is just an opinion, and every
CEO has their own opinion on the subject.

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            Steve Milloy said business has no place getting involved
in sustainability. “Shareholders do not hire CEOs to be the U.N., to act
like a government or to be a charity,” says Milloy. “They were hired
to make money for shareholders. Business is society’s wealth-creation machine.
If these guys stick to what they should do–make money–they will create wealth
that will benefit the rest of society.” He goes on to say, “A lot of
them even benefit personally from this. If the CEO of XYZ company gives
shareholders’ money away then who gets the honor? The company? No. The CEO” (Forbes
2008. Ronald A. Williams, CEO of 
Aetna  , who probably summed it up
best when he said, “No single group can solve the world’s problems, but
public companies can move the collective needle by using their human and
financial resources to innovate in ways that benefit both private interests and
the public good ” (Forbes 2008). On the other side of the subject you CEOs
that take up a complete opposite view when it comes to CSR. CSR is a very
controversy topic, some of the biggest companies in the around the world will
say that they were put in their positions to make money for the shareholders
and the business, and to be successful in the competing market.

            There are many different views and allot of controversy
when the subject of CSR come into the conversation. Based on the views of some
CEOs and the different beliefs of others, CSR definitely has its pros and cons.
I think that by itself, no one company can handle the responsibility of trying
to change the world, however if these major corporations would or could come
together and actually work together, then there might be a chance that they
could make a major difference. One of the main lessons I learned in the
military that I continue to use in life, is that nothing comes easy, nothing is
fair, you must overcome and adapt to any situation. This should be utilized and
maybe things will change.











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