Confucian be sure not to offend anyone by

Confucian Values and Their Impact on Negotiations
When dealing with a group of people with beliefs different than your own, you should always gain an understanding of these beliefs before negotiations begin.This helps to ensure that no one will be offended and everything will run smoothly.If you do not know what people consider inappropriate, then it is very easy to inadvertently say or do the wrong thing.If I worked for the U.S. State Department and was going to negotiate with a Japanese delegation on trade policies, I would be in a good position because of my knowledge of Confucianism.A large portion of the Japanese culture is related to Confucianism in one way or another.With my knowledge of this religion, I could respect the delegation's beliefs and be sure not to offend anyone.
Respect and honor are two major foundations of Confucianism.Confucians are taught to always honor their elders and to respect others.For example, if someone were suggesting an idea it would definitely not be okay to interrupt or criticize.Confucians believe that you should always listen to every idea and to show courtesy.No idea should be rejected.Since I possess the knowledge of this social rule, I would be sure not to offend anyone by interrupting and discarding an idea or suggestion.I also know that one should never suggest that majority rule is okay.Confucians believe that this technique of decision-making leaves too many people feeling like losers.Everybody must accept an idea before it becomes final.It is courteous to go along with the group decisions.I would definitely benefit from my knowledge of the Confucian belief in the importance of respect and honor during negotiations.
Confucianism is based on the belief that everyone should strive towards princely ideals.People should be unselfish, have deference towards others, be courteous, diligent, kind, loyal, and understand their place in society.Part …