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The term Resources, has been the key term on why many nations have gone to war with each other over hundreds of thousands of years.These nations have been fighting for many resources such as land, water, territories, and even in extreme cases, honor.When it comes to the countries of India and Pakistan, the territory of Kashmir has been a major issue every time they have been mentioned in the press.
Kashmir is a beautiful region grounded between India, Pakistan, and China.The majority of the region's 13 million people live between the Himalayan Mountains and the Pir Panjal Mountains in the Kashmir Valley (Basinski, 4).Kashmir has two important water supplies that flow through it, the headwaters of the Indus River and the Jhelum, which flows through the Kashmir Valley.The climate of Kashmir is considered mild, which allows for moist soil all year-round.The population is mainly Muslims who make up seventy percent with the remaining thirty percent primarily Hindu dominant Kashmir (Basinski, 4).
The region of Kashmir has changed drastically over the last fifty years, largely due to human actions and the redrawing of its political borders.In 1947 Lord Maharajah, who controlled the area, signed an "Instrument of Accession" to India, which would give control of Kashmir to India in exchange for India's military assistance.The reason Maharajah was seeking military assistance was that Pakistan had invade the land to unite all land that contained Muslims.
The government of India promised the people of Kashmir that they would be able to for their future sovereignty.This never happened.Since 1947 the countries of Pakistan and India have fought three official wars with the United Nations stepping in and setting a "Cease Fire Line" each time.The conflict has never been settled and in 1998 both India and Pakistan detonated nuclear weapons during tests, which escalates the severity of the…