Hello, “rep by pop” then we the

Hello, I am Guy Lafontaine. I am a young lawyer who has recently been elected to the government of Canada East. My firm is located on the east side of downtown Montreal. It is not an overly large firm but I do quite well for myself. My support comes mainly from my clients who are the working people of Montreal and Quebec City. I am a member of the Parti Rouge. My political party is strongly against confederation, but I have my own reasons against confederation as well.
Confederation should not be pursued because of a number of reasons. They are as follows. The French would have no say in the government. If the government is to be based on representation by population or "rep by pop" then we the people of Canada East will be in over our heads. We are heavily out numbered. Therefore this form of government can only favor one province, Canada West. The English would be able to use the taxpayer's money, our money, to solve problems in their own province. There will never be any change for the better in our own province.
The French culture would too be skewed by confederation. Too much power will be given to the Roman Catholic Church. The church already has too much say in our society as it is. It, in my opinion should be for religious use only. English immigration will also be encouraged. If we become outnumbered even more than we already are, can we really trust the English to preserve our precious language, or our culture and our lifestyle for that matter? The answer is no.
For those who argue that we will be protected by the iron shield of confederation, this will not be so. Once confederation is put in place military priority will be given to Canada West. Our young men would be recruited to serve in an army that will not even protect us. We the people of Canada East would have a better chance of defending ourselves from the Fenian raids as a separate colony instead of pumping our funds into a military that wo