First, Kuomintang out of China and stayed with

First, I strongly feel that Mao was stupid. He was destroying Chinese?s thought and knowledge. No one will work hard if everybody is equal. But, most of people were poor after the war. It is the reason why they kicked Kuomintang out of China and stayed with Mao. If they know the history; they would change their mind. It sounds like Mao made the communist system worse than before. There is one thing that still in my mind. That is ?§The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution?. It was the most stupid idea that came out from his mind. I remembered when I was young I watched the news that they use tank to smash on the university students. They also killed many of them. It was the reason why no body wants to go on strike. Can you image a tank smash on your face? Now, the Chinese people just want to have food can eat and safe place to live because they don?t want to have any fighting with their government anymore. They don?t care anything else unlike America. When people get rich and have enough food, they will be asking something else to make them feel happier; just like salary, freedom, right. I just saw funny news last week. Two American girls went on strike in China about Chinese kill a lot of animals. Lately, police came and took them to the police car, so the news reporter asked a man ?§What do you feel about them?? He said,? They ate too full and have nothing to do?. You can tell that Chinese doesn?t want to against with their communist government, so every bill can process easy and fast.