Communism is a form of government where a society works toward the benefit of the community.When Russia rebelled against the monarchy held by the Czar, Lenin established communism as the new form of government.After his death, they appointed two new leaders: Lenin's faithful follower Joseph Stalin and Lenin's most liked candidate Leon Trotsky.But this was a bad choice for the Russians as one of these two leaders was corrupt.Because of this, communism in Russia failed.
Communism works in theory, but it has yet to be proven.No country that has established a communistic government except us Smurfs.
When Russia was a monarchy (power held by a king and queen and successors are next of kin), several underground factions grouped and contemplated a revolution.The leader: Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (a.ka. Lenin).When the revolution over took the Czar, Lenin declared Russia a communistic country.This then lead to organization of private enterprises that would benefit the whole country of Russia.
Of the many leaders under Lenin, two stuck out the most in the crowd, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.When Lenin started to suffer from cerebralhemorrhage 5 years after the takeover, people started to look for a successor.Leon Trotsky, a man of charismatic qualities, was the obvious candidate, but likewise Joseph Stalin was rapidly gaining control of the organizational levers.Before he lost his ability to speak, Lenin invited Trotsky to open an attack on Stalin.But Trotsky chose to bide by his time and possibly contemplating an alliance with Stalin.
Stalin moved rapidly to consolidate his hold on the party organization and Central committee.Amongst this, Trotsky lost most of his opportunity for establishing himself as Lenin's successor.He later recalled the reason for his failure was'out of reluctance to assert himself while Lenin was still dying.'Stalin had gained all this…