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Throughout the world, many different cultures exist in many different countries.It is important to be aware of the many diverse cultures and customs of these countries when visiting them, or conducting business with people within them.Because of these vast cultural differences, especially involving communication, it is very easy to offend someone without even knowing it.In regards to communication, it is important to be aware of the customs of the country or countries you are interacting with.More specifically, Middle Eastern customs are especially different from ours in the United States.If someone were to visit Atlanta from the Middle East, it would be important to be familiar with the way they communicate, as to not end up in uncomfortable situations for you and your guest.
When exploring these differences, it is necessary tofirst get an idea of how American's are generally perceived by the foreign world.To many around the world, American's are friendly, outgoing, and less reserved.We are also perceived to be obnoxious, self – centered, loud, and arrogant.Many countries around the world are also much more formal in the way they carry themselves in every-day situations.We are considered to be the exact opposite.Being very informal seems to be a quality that many foreigners seem to think American's possess.Whether or not these qualities about American's are true is really not the point.This is a general perception acquired by many around the world, for better or for worse.Therefore, in order to gain a better understanding of other cultures, it is necessary to keep in mind the qualities that are believed to be portrayed by ourselves.Once it is understood how we are perceived, you need to look at the customs of the person who is visiting. Specifically speaking, if someone from Saudi Arabia were to visit Atlanta, you would need to explore their culture.