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My intended major is Economics. I believe studying economics will not only help me to develop my professional business skills, but it will also help me to understand how the economy affects society.
Besides pursuing my collegiate career, I have gained experiences from fulfilling my family obligation of working in my aunt??s liquor store. In this position, I apply supply and demand concepts in running a business in order to maximize profit. I give suggestions regarding merchandise selection based on customers?? economic status.
I advise my aunt how much to offer for sale and how to cut overhead costs. In the recent economic recession, I suggested shifting merchandise categories to lower quality goods because the unemployment rate had increased and income levels had decreased. Also, some of my work entails daily accounting practices, such as tallying receipts, delivering money to the bank and making sure the receipts and inventory are kept in balance. I feel these experiences have helped me become more familiar with the application of abstract and bookish economic concepts that I am studying in my classes. Moreover, I have learned how to enhance my communication skills with people, which is another asset in the economics field.
I am passionate about writing. I have an interest in understanding human instincts, relationships, and spiritualities within this material world that we live in. This interest has shaped my creative sensitivities. When I attended one of the best high schools in Guizhou Province, China, I was actively involved in writing essays and poems for the school newspaper. I received the Student Writing Pioneer Award from my school because my work in literature represented imagery and symbolism. School seminars held every month treated my essays as models of good writing and used them for discussions. For this reason, I was voted president of the literature club at school. Or…