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Chinese do not begin dating until their early twenties.They usually only date a couple people, sometimes only one, before they choose their mate.Most people do not marry until an average age of 25 to 30 years of age.Children usually live with their parents until they are married.Traditionally, after marriage, the newlyweds would move in with the husband's family.It is becoming typical for the newlyweds to move into their own apartment after a short honeymoon.By Chinese law, families are only allowed to have one child.
China began enforcing a one-child policy in the early 80’s.Couples residing in urban areas were only allowed to have one child.In some rural areas, couples were allowed to have more than one child after a gap of at least four years.Leaders of China have always been trying to slow the population.China is the only country to ever enforce a one-child family policy.Billboards and radio messages tell people that it is patriotic to have fewer children.Families with only one child are given rewards such as higher wages and larger apartments.Disciplinary measures for those who have more than one child can include fines, withholding of social services, demotion, and other punishments that can include loss of employment.Fines for not abiding by the one child policy can vary depending on where you live.
Today, the harsh one-child policy is still enforced but not as strictly.The estimated fertility rate of women in China is at 2.1 births per woman.This shows that the one-child policy does not apply to most couples.The policy mostly affects families in urban areas.Families in these areas must still get permission from the government to have a child.If couples in urban areas were only children themselves, they might now receive permission to have two children.In rural areas of China, families with more than one child are becoming the normality.Families in rural areas have an average …