Adolf in the war and got the iron

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria.Adolfs father was Alois, he worked as a customs officer on the Austro-German border.Adolfs mother, Klara had 2 other children but they both died during infancy.Adolffirst went to school at age 6 his family lived in several villages throughout the town of Linz.In 1896 Klara gave birth to a child, her name was Paula.Paula lived longer than Adolf.Adolf dropped out of school, and wanted to become an artist.Adolfs father died when he was 13, his mother raised him and his sister on her own.When Adolf was between the ages of sixteen and nineteen he spent most of his life studying, he became interested in politics.He applied for admission at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but he was rejected.
In 1909 Adolfs mother died of cancer, Adolf didn’t have any relatives that would are wanted to take care of him.So he moved to Vienna and tried to make a living.Within 1 year he was living in homeless shelters and eating wherever they gave free food.He sold some of his paintings during this time and also took menial jobs.Then in 1914 Adolf volunteered for service in the German army, and he was accepted.Adolf fought in the war and got the iron cross.In 1918 Adolf was in a hospital recovering from temporary blindness during this time was the announcement of the armistice.
Between December 1918 and March 1919 Adolf worked in a P.O.W. camp
(Prisoner of war).Adolf was asked to become part of a local army organization, which was responsible for persuading returning soldiers not to turn to communism or pacifism.During his training he was told to spy on certain political meetings.At one meeting he was so furious of what one speakers said he told him his opinion.The leader of the group really liked what he said and asked him to join their organization.After a lot of thought Adolf agreed to join their organization and become their seventh …