Child raised and mature like this, is not

Child abuse is physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional maltreatment of a child. This is a very unfortunate and traumatizing event for a child to go through. A child is obviously very young, and should not be going through this torture. No one should, really, but for a child to be raised and mature like this, is not good. Many examples of child abuse occur in the novel Forged By Fire. Two characters are victims of child abuse, and their parents are causing it. Forged By Fire has many examples of child abuse and other sorts of horrific events that happen to the children.There are two main character in Forged By Fire that are victims of child abuse. It is Gerald and Angel. The two step siblings are abused by their father Jordan Sparks. Gerald is the only one who is mainly abused by his mother when he was younger. His mother burnt his hand with a lighter to teach him a lesson and slaps him for making childish mistakes (although he is a child). She got better after jail, but married a disastrous  person with the name of Jordan Sparks, who says he is Angel’s father. He abuses Angel sexually and physically, and just physically to Gerald. In 2013, 166,583 children were both abused and neglected in Ohio, and Ohio is where Forged By Fire takes place. Also in 2013, 48 children passed away because of child abuse and neglect.Child abuse is a very bad situation for any child, and this happens a lot to Gerald and Angel. Jordan manipulates Angel a lot to torture her, and she’s not allowed to tell anyone about it. He once got Angel a cat that she loved very much, but threatened to kill and cook it if she told anyone that he molested her. He hits and punches Gerald whenever he gets the chance, and Gerald tries to fight back and/or dodge him. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. If Gerald and Angel reported their abuse, then it would definitely match up. This takes place in the United States, and the US actually has one of the worst records of child abuse.Jordan Sparks abuses Gerald and Angel, but he also abuses his wife Monique. He is a child abuser and molester to his whole family, including Angel’s cat. Around 80% of child fatalities involve at least one parent as a perpetrator. This occurs in Forged By Fire because Monique no longer abuses them, but Jordan does and hurts them extremely bad, and Gerald almost died in the fire that Jordan was trying to kill him in. 1 in 20 children are physically abused each year. Gerald and Angel would both be part of that.Child abuse is a very serious topic because it doesn’t just happen in realistic fiction stories like Forged By Fire. It happens all over the world and they gave vivid examples of it in the novel. In Ohio, nearly 78,000 children are yearly abused, neglected, or are a witness of violence. Lots of bad things happen in Ohio, and that is where the story takes place. Forged By Fire has many examples of child abuse and it is not a good way for a young child to grow up.