Introduction promptly, they might become more serious;

Introduction to Child Health Systems
The American Health Care system has prided itself on providing high quality services to the citizens who normally cannot afford them, although lately the costs have been rising.I am currently under Keystone Health Plan East.This Plan is a heath maintenance organization (HMO).The plan requires specific physicians, hospitals, and other providers that contracts with Keystone.These Plan providers coordinate my health care services.The plan is solely responsible for the selection of these providers in my area.HMO's emphasize preventive care such as routine office visits, physical exams, well-baby care, and immunizations, in addition to treatment for illness and injury.All the providers follow generally accepted medical practice.
Since I am under my father's coverage eighty percent is paid by his employer.A premium must be paid of twenty percent.He is the Deputy Director Manager of SEPTA (South Eastern Public Transportation Authority).I am covered under his plan because I am still a college student.
When choosing a primary physician we have a choice of approximately two thousand six hundred and eleven physicians.Overall, there are roughly nine thousand and seven hundred specialists.If I were to go in for a routine examination, I would be charged nothing as long as it is once a year.I would be charged fifteen dollars for an emergency room visit.A medical emergency is the sudden and unexpected onset of a condition or an injury that you believe endangers your life or could result in serious injury or disability, and requires immediate medical or surgical care.Some problems are emergencies because, if not treated promptly, they might become more serious; examples include deep cuts and broken bones.Others are emergencies because they are potentially life threatening, such