Chatham-Kent all activities through media awareness. Police week

Chatham-Kent is mixed urban and rural population, about 110,000 residents in an environmental area are covering 24,00 sq. kilometers. Chatham-Kent countryside has agricultural roots that encourage family values, a spirit of teamwork and a sense of community. It’s a very small community that they have their own police services. Half of Chatham-Kent resident’s population live in the country side areas throughout the city on farming lands. Each community has its own customs and historical pride. Former Toronto Mayor David Crombie was appointed in 1995 to review the Ontario Municipal-Provincial relationship as part of the “who does what” task force. It was very important for the result by recommendation for the municipalities to merge orders to capture maintainable economies of scale. Dr. Meyboom concluded a two-month consultative process and ordered the County of Kent to amalgamate in 1997. On September 1, 1998, 23 municipalities formed a single government, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The newly police service had to downsize operations to ensure that that they can deliver an effective service across Chatham-Kent. Later on, the municipality was divided into four districts and each of the four districts were sub divided into distinct patrol zones for successful officer deployment. The four special constables provide crime prevention and also provide public safety education to many community groups, high school, colleges, elementary schools and universities. For example, Chatham-Kent has a police week that takes place every May and is dedicated to increasing community awareness more and also encourages every community involvement and be a part of all activities through media awareness. Police week is governed due to strengthening police and the communities relationship, to promote the work police does for their communities and to honor police officers.


On January 1, 1857, the town of Owen Sound came in existence. John Mills was the first Chief Constable in Owen Sound that had 6 Constables to assist him in addressing issues involving how to control all the entertainers passing through Owen Sound, liquor flowing freely and garbage. Since than Owen Sound police service has been highly trained community based police service. Owen sound has three key components to keeping the community safe and friendly, 1. community partner ships, 2. Problem solving and 3. Organizational transformation. Police services in Owen Sound has a dedicated CORE which stands for Community Oriented Response Unit which applies the key components to addressing and solving community issues. Daily foot patrols allow a positive interaction between the community and the police. Owen Sound police also will do bike patrols in Owen Sound’s downtown core in many parks and paths. Police services believe that increased presence can downsize crime and also provide a safer community for all ages. Police services believes working with their community, will make them at their very best. Recently Owen Sound is opening up a marijuana cultivation and production facility on their industrial park. The construction is beginning in 2018 and there are willing to wrap it up by next summer. The total cost Owen Sound is estimating to send on this project is $5 to $6 million on the marijuana project. Back in July Scott Boyes told the Sun Times that their company had spent tens of thousands of dollars to start transforming the PPG plant to the marijuana production facility. Boyes said they are waiting for its application to move along further for the approval process before they spend more on the project. Since the talk with Boyes which was in July 2017 the company has cleared 3 out of the 5 stages in the approvals process. Mayor Ian Boddy recently write a letter to support the company’s plans and also that he is happy to see their project moving forward. Owen Sound has got high security protection around the company site, it will be very difficult for regular people to get in to and out of the site, and if caught there will be a huge charge against the person. They have also partnered up with law firm Bennett Jones to assist with mediating with Health Canada and David Hyde. Adults will be legally being able to buy and share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis or an equivalent in non-dried form.

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The Calgary Police Force (CPS) was founded on February 7th 1885. The very first police chief was Jack Ingram and he supervised two constables at the time. Jack’s responsibilities were to arrest unlawful and drunken citizens, attending fires and food inspections and stopping anyone speeding through the town. Around 1921 parking tickets were introduced and all on duty officers had the right to issue the tickets. The first time the video footage was used to record public in a specific area of town which is used for surveillance was in 1958. Calgary continued to grow after wards. Sometime in 1960 Calgary got their first emergency telephone number for ambulance, fire and police which was (1-111). By 1970 (911) had took over (1-111) as the city’s main emergency hotline. The first female to being a full-time Calgary Police Force officer was Vera Russel and right after her was Olive Stanton and Margaret Sadler. In 2010 the IPOP which stands for The International Peace Operations Program was introduced and the first Calgary Police Force Officer member was deployed on a 1 yearlong mission in the Sudan.  

 A role of a police officer is normally expected to do many things and play a lot of different roles. In your daily duties, you may be expected to conduct traffic stops, develop important preventative strategies, investigate crime scenes, or deal with grieving or distressed families. Public does not call police when things are going good. What makes a police officer’s career more meaningful is that police officers are willing to deal with difficult parts and people, making a real big difference in many people’s lives. Police officers always take responsible to take care of their communities and the chain of command, they are also given independence to make decisions, big and small for their community.  They often need to make decisions quickly and under pressure. Police officers are given training, knowledge and guidance that is needed to perform these duties, but their own life experience, people skill and common sense are equally very important parts of being an excellent police officer. The challenges a police officer has to face in everyday life are constantly vary and rewards that can be seen everywhere they go. The opportunity for growth and change, for a chance to make the community safer. The Executive Director responsibilities are to ensure the information between the citizens of Calgary, the Commission, the city of Calgary, police service and other many agencies, manage the Commission office and staff, and ensure that an accurate record is kept of all Commission activities.