CHAPTER-1 promotions if it is new job means,


                          INTRODUCTION AND

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             Work life balance is a concept including
proper prioritizing between “work”( career and ambition)and “lifestyle ”
(health,leisure,family,and spiritual development /meditation).This is related
to the idea of lifestyle choice.This study is focused on work life balance
prevailing among the individuals employed at EID PARRY.

             The term work life balance  (Work Life Balance) was coined in 1986 in
response to the growing concerns by individuals and organizations alike that
work can impinge upon the quality of family life and vice-versa, thus giving
rise to the concepts of “family- work conflict” (FWC) and “work-family
conflict” (WFC).  The former is also
referred to as work interferes with family” (WIF) while the latter is also
known as “family interferes with work” (FIW). 
In other words, from the scarcity or zero-sum perspective, time devoted
to work is construed as time taken away from one’s family life.

programs  existed in the 1930s. The
policies and procedures established by an organization with the goal to enable
employees to efficiently do their jobs and at the same time provide flexibility
to handle personal concerns or problems at their family People entering the
workforce today are more likely to turn down to promotions if it is new job
means, the employee is having to bring more work to home.

Life Balance can be defined as the perfect integration between work and life
both not interfering with each other. In the current business world, people and
organizations are working round the clock to meet the ever-growing demands. A
slight delay in meeting the schedules or expectations is considered to be an
organizational failure. To avoid delays and failures, employees are working
hard and giving their heart and soul to achieve work-life balance which is
creating an enormous pressure on them and hence they are forced to finish their
jobs irrespective of time limit.

most-often used phrase among
the employees is that they don’t  have time or they have a hectic schedule. A
day of 24 hours is no longer enough to perform work-related and
personal-related duties or responsibilities. The problem seems simple but
difficult to solve and handle.


balance’ was preferred due to the fact that it encompasses
the experiences and needs of parents and non-parents alike, and is a more
progressive theoretical framework in which to think about new ways of living
and working that are satisfactory to all. In practice, it involves “adjusting work
patterns so that everyone, regardless of age, race or gender can find a rhythm
that enables them more easily to combine work and their other responsibilities

and aspirations”.


who have to play another role of daughter/son/spouse/parents are not able to
manage their roles. Observing the day-to-day lives of many employees, two main
issues to be addressed to achieve work-life balance are time and stress.
Managing these two variables is the secret of a perfect work-life balance. The
HR department of the organization should assist the employee to maintain a
work-life balance. The HR manager must carefully identify the issue and find a
solution with the co-operation of the employer. Organization must include
providing work-life balance as an HR policy.


Therefore, a growing number of
organizations have begun to adopt “work-life (family)

programs” or “family-friendly practices”. Work-life
balance is the term used to describe those

practices at
work place that acknowledge and aim to support the needs of employees in achieving

a balance
between the demands of their family life and work lives.




balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how
they work. It is achieved when an individual’s right to a fulfilled life inside
and outside paid work is accepted and 
respected as the norm ,to the mutual benfit of the individual , business
and society”.






need of the study is mainly to know about the work life balance of employees in
EID PARRY LTD. The study covers the major area connected with the employees and
their work life balance. To study how employees can offset the 24/7 demands of
the workplace and family life.This study is also need to know the relationship
between the management and work life balance of employees This study may take
initiatives to change the existing organization work life balance policies and to
enforce measures so that the employees avoid the pitfalls of imbalanced work




          In these study
deals with Work Life Balance of employees in EID PARRY(INDIA) Ltd in
Nellikuppam.The employees are not well balanced due to those creating problems
inside and outside environment.They were strong both physically and mentally
and to be maintain a work life balance was never a fault but today the
environment surrounding the employees is decline slowly. Pressure, stress or
tension in work life can lead to bad social life.In EID PARRY LTD workers
(skilled, unskilled, semi) they are under over work load, so they did not (know
about) practice work life balance.




scope of the study is to cover the work and family life of the employees and to
study the effect of pressure and stress on the employees;It studies the features
and policies available to maintain work life policies of employees. 








Ø  To
study about the family life and work environment of the employees.

Ø  To
develop strategies for balancing both work and life.

Ø  To
study about employees work pressure and analyze the effect and causes of stress
on health of the respondents.

Ø  To
find out the facilities and policies provided by the organization and how it
can be support of the employees.

To evaluate the impact of work life
balance and to suggest possible improvement in future.