Changes Made on Grounds Available to a Hindu Wife for Seeking Dissolution of Marriage by the Legislation of 1976

(c) Cruelty on the part of the husband.

(d) Desertion by the husband.

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(e) Mutual consent of husband and wife for divorce.

The amending Act of 1976 has modified some of the pre-existing grounds as follows:

(1) Husband’s infidelity Even a single instance of sexual infidelity is now sufficient.

(2) Husband suffering from unsoundness of mind or mental disorder. Mental disorder (not being unsoundness of mind) has been added as a ground by the Act of 1976. The requirement of the disability existing for three years preceding the petition has been omitted by the Amendment. Similarly as to leprosy and venereal disease the time limit has been dropped.

(3) Non-compliance with decree for restitution of conjugal rights for one year or more. Previously, the time-limit was two years. It has been reduced to one year.

(4) Non-resumption of cohabitation for one year or more after decree for judicial separation. The time-limit has been reduced from two years to one year.

These are the changes made by the legislation of 1976 in the law relating to divorce.