Change not be able to do it yet,

Change is at the
heart of human progress.  It is fundamental
to human growth. As Darwin pointed out in his book, ‘Origin of Species’ –’it is not the most intellectual
of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives;
but the species that survives is the one that is
able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds


Change often is
an emotional journey that requires us to demonstrate resilience, grit and
embracing the situation wholeheartedly. You have no complete control on what is
happening in the outside world – but what is happening within you is completely
in your control, so increasing your adaptability to change and maintaining a
sense of balance amidst chaotic situations is critical all the more today.

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One of the
biggest deterrents of adapting to change is our need to survive that in turn
forces us to stay in our comfort zones and be wary of anything uncertain or
ambiguous. In other words, a loud inner voice from within tells us –’Just stay where you are, you are safe here!’
But the truth of the matter is, we will be forced to change, sooner or later
and adapting forcefully never lands well with us!


Based on my experiences,
I have put down a few key actions for adapting to change that have proven to be


1)      Develop conviction for the need for change


2)      Identify your own personal vision or end state of where you want to


3)      Understand the sources of resistance , understand what we need to
give up and challenge our assumptions


4)      Recognize personal benefits of change, new possibilities, new skills
and learnings that can emerge in the journey and how this change can enable in the
direction of the desired vision


5)      Develop your own support network who can help you navigate the
change effectively


6)      Build in ‘reflection time’ to be in sync with the benefits you reaped
by adapting to change



People who adapt
to change demonstrate Growth Mindset- A
person with a growth mindset thinks, I
may not be able to do it yet, but I can work harder, get better and adapt. The
keyword here, being ‘yet’. Flexibility is
in fact, the truth of our brains. People with growth mindset, believe that they
can always be better, embrace challenges and see them as an opportunity to
grow, view setbacks as a wake-up call to work harder next time. As a result
they reach higher levels of potential and performance.  


You can never realize
what you are capable of becoming unless you accept and embrace change unequivocally
and move forward with it. It helps us create new opportunities to move things
forward and helps us create new perspectives. This is the essence of personal
growth and enrichment.  


If you resist
change, you resist life. If you adapt to change, you embrace life.