“Change life is a challenge for technicians. Time

“Change your thought and you will change the world” by Norman Vincent Peale. If you think you are good at programming, you will become a successful Computer System Technologist? You were completely wrong. One of my teachers in my former University said, “The essential soft skills will not only help you with your study path but your future as well.” There are many skills individual needs to become effective technologist and to have a successful career. Science and technology are one of the highly competitive fields, so people working in this industry need to have strong knowledge as well as soft skills to meet the needs of the market. Therefore, the necessary skills a technician needs to succeed on the career path that we can discuss on below are time management, teamwork, and communication skills.


Keeping up with work, balancing the life is a challenge for technicians. Time management is one of the essential skills that they really need. The most fundamental skill of time management is the ability to use the time wisely that serves goals. Once the goals are clear, it will help them find the quickest way to reach that goal. Starting with the most important things to the smallest things will get the job into shape and order. Planning will be the key to do that. Because it allows foreseeing all the tasks which will be required to complete and, can set you on a path to achieving all things. A detail planning list will save a great deal of time. Similarly, self-motivation is also very essential, there will be days when people do not want to do anything, it will break down everything they set out. No one helps them, they are will be the emotional supporter of themselves. Therefore, proper time management will help Computer System Technologist go further in his or her work.

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Being able to communicate well is the key to success in all careers. It is well known that those who work in the field of science and technology, a very harsh environment, the new one will expel the old one immediately. Therefore, they need to have good communication skills to present their products to the public, promoting the consumer, it will attract the trust of the public and their customers in particular. The fact is that most of the well-known IT professionals can be speaking to the public. That is because they do not work alone, they need to discuss with their boss and colleagues. Work is better if both the listener and the speaker clearly understand clearly the information. In addition, if an individual is not good at communication, it will retain them, so they cannot go further in their work. While people are struggling with something, the one who can communicate well has more relationships in society, in work ready to help them. Good communication skill will open for better relationships, more career opportunities, and increased confidence for people who work in technology environment in any circumstance.



After all, according to John C. Maxwell, “teamwork makes the dream work”. It is often said that people who work in the field of computer technology are very quiet, they always work alone with the computer. It is true, software engineers often build, design their own products. However, when the software is gone to successful, they want to develop more, which is when they need to have a team of their own. It can be hard to keep up the momentum when working on your own. Having teammates keeps you on track and pushes you to work through barriers. Moreover, teamwork gives them an opportunity to learn new things. In a group of people, there are many different skills, intelligent brain from the people, they can learn each other’s skills and abilities and improve their knowledge. Working in a group promotes team spirit, interpersonal relationships. It is a failure if an engineer could communicate well with society, with the public, but they do not have a great teammate. Who will give them an emotional support when they are successful, who will understand most of the difficulties in their work? That is the people who work together. Therefore, it will be even better when the product they create succeeds, they will share each other good news, creating spiritual value for each person.


Time management skill, communication skill, and teamwork skill: all are essential to success for the Computer System Technologist. Engineers who can deal with all three skills will have more opportunities for their career. In general, one important thing is that when they want to encroach on other areas, these skills are also an advantage for them to succeed.