Explain influence they had on other artists (support

Explain Cézanne and Pollock's contribution to Modernism by:
Describing their new techniques/materials (practice)
Innovation in concepts, theories and intentions
Explore the significance of their work and the influence they had on other
artists (support with critical and historical quotes/comments.)
'I want to make of Impressionism something soled and durable, like the art of
the museums' Paul Cézanne
'The source of my painting is the unconscious' Jackson Pollock
Modernism is the revolutionary ideas and styles in art, architecture, and
literature that developed in the early 20th century as a reaction to traditional
forms. Both Cézanne and Pollock understood that although their art was turning
away from traditional forms, art is continuity. Never disregarding the Old
Master, Cézanne is said to be the father of modernism and Pollock the man who
brought art from Paris to America. These two men, both known as avant-garde
artists, one who's aim in life was to paint fruit and avoid people, the other
who spent most of his time drunk, two great artists who revolutionised the art
world with their use of new material and techniques and with their ideas and
theories. Cézanne began as an Impressionist but soon became frustrated, as
Impressionist did not generate paintings that were compositionally strong, and
so the creator of Modernism set out on a journey to empower objects with
three-dimensional solidity. Cézanne wanted to establish an equilibrium between
the vivacious colour and solid form of three-dimensional objects and the
two-dimensional surface of the picture plane. (Post-Impressionism: Cezanne,
Nineteenth Century Art, pg 478). Similarly, Pollock was a modernist whose works
were most prominent between 1948 and 1952. Pollock set out to explain as well as
he could an emotional response to the da…