Cecelia of a women slave named Cecilia, but

Cecelia the slave was not exactly the book I thought it was going to be. I was expecting a biography of a women slave named Cecilia, but in fact it was much more. There were many surrounding issues that dealt with the political, social, and economic aspects of the south, in the nineteenth century. Although some of the occurrences in this book are not historically documented, due to the fact that this book was written from a second hand source. None of the facts were drawn from Cecilia herself.
Robert Newsom was a well established slave owner in Callaway Country, Missouri.He owned five male slaves, and a young female slave named Cecilia, who he acquired later on in years.She was not brought to the farm for slave labor, but for the sole purpose of giving sexual favors to her master.It was thought to say that she took the place of his late wife of one year.This did not please his two daughters at all, but being women themselves, it was not there place to say anything.
After many years of this ongoing sexual abuse Cecilia’s mind was psychologically destroyed.She had bared two illegitimate child by the young age of nineteen.Cecilia also found the love of her life George, but he refused to be with her if she continued to have relations with Newsom.One desperate night in an attempt to save her relationship with the love of her life, she avoided Newsom by saying she was sick.Newsom was a powerful man who wanted to establishthat he was the boss, still came to her cottage, when he forced himself on Cecilia she beat him over the head till he died.In a desperate panic she burned the body in the fire place and sprinkled the ashes outside.
When Newsom turned up missing the daughter automatically assumed Cecilia was the culprit, but to be certain they forced George to turn against her and confess what he knew.To avoid punishment himself, he told the family everything he knew about the murder.