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A few years ago, the suggestion of photography as a career would not have been taken seriously.Photography was once considered as only a hobby that could possibly get a person some extra pocket money.Today though, photographers are in demand and respected financially.Photography has become a profession that has a great commercial value.It can be a main source of income, and means to a comfortable life.
Photography is both a science and an art.It is about artistic expression, where the camera will replace the pen and paint, or tell a story without the words.Photographers need to have many abilities.The most important ones are things such as visualization, arm-hand steadiness, idea generation, and originality.
There are a multitude of fields that a photographer can go into.Some of them require more schooling and are very selective, yet some are broad and require less then others.With all of these fields, a person has a wonderful chance of doing anything they want with a photography degree.
Portrait photographers take pictures of individuals or groups of people and often work in their own studios.Some specialize in weddings or school photographs and may work directly on location.Some portrait photographers are business owners who arrange for advertising, schedule appointments, set and adjust equipment, develop and retouch negatives, and mount and frame pictures.Also they purchase supplies, keep records, bill customers, and may hire and train employees.
Press photographers or photojournalists supply pictures to the national and local press, magazines, or television. They must be versatile with an ability to photograph all kinds of subjects. They must have journalistic instincts, know what makes good news pictures, be able to write accurate captions, work well with reporters, be quick and often work under difficult conditions.
In Commercial photography, a photographer takes pictures of building…