Canevin careers through dialogue, song and dance.To

Canevin Catholic High School offers many extra curricular activities.Those students geared toward the physical challenges may choose from various athletic programs such as, basketball, soccer, and football.On the other hand, there are additional activities for those more interested in a mental challenge.These students may join such organizations anywhere from FBLA to Forensics. However, of all the extra curricular activities offered by Canevin, none excites me more than Dramatics.This paper takes a look at my last three years involvement in the annual musical productions here at Canevin.
Traditionally, Canevin’s dramatics has been a full-scale musical production performed in the spring.Students may audition for chorus, acting or dancing parts or they may join one of the many stage crews.During freshman year, I tried out for the musical “Working.””Working” depicted different careers through dialogue, song and dance.To my surprise, I made callbacks.When the cast list was posted, the role of Anthony Polazzo, the Mason, was awarded to me.After weeks of hard work and rehearsals, it was finally opening night.From that time on, I realized Dramatics was for me.
The following year, the start-up meeting could not arrive fast enough for me.The play selected for my sophomore year was “Damn Yankees.”The musical’s main character was Joe Hardy.Joe wanted so drastically to play baseball for the Washington Senators, that he was willing to sell his soul to the devil.When the cast list was posted this time, I was assigned to play the role of Mr. Welch.As owner of the Washington Senator’s, I was expected to portray a prestigious and confident businessman who enjoyed his cigars.In one short year, I went from a mason in overalls, to a baseball team owner decked out in a suit and tie.That’s show business!
“Into the Woods” was selected as the musical for the following year.The story line included various adapt