Canada the Internet!Yes, yes, I know you’re

Canada is a country that isn't known for much more than that they live in cold weather and that they like to say "aye!" a lot.Well, there is a lot more to Canada than you might know! They have colleges, televisions, highways, and yes, even the Internet!Yes, yes, I know you're amazed. That is only the beginning!
I'm sure you're aware the location of Canada. It's right above the United States. It borders the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, the North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north. Its main natural resources include iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, potash, silver, fish, timber, wildlife, coal, petroleum, natural gas, and hydropower.
Canada's national capital is Ottawa. Other large cities are Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.Canada's total area is about 9,976,140 sq km. It is a tad bigger than the United States. It is the 2nd largest country in the world! The population was 30,300,000 people in 1999. The growth rate is .96%.English is the official language with 59.3% of the country speaking it. Second is French with 23.2%.
Canada's main exports include motor vehicles and parts, industrial machinery, aircraft, telecommunications equipment, chemicals, plastics, and fertilizers. Its main imports include machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, crude oil, chemicals, electricity, and durable consumer goods. Its exports produce about $273.8 billion dollars. Its imports produce about 283.8 billion dollars. Its main export and import partner is the United States. 16.4 million people are involved with the work force. 74% of these people work with some sort of service, followed by manufacturing with 15%. The unemployment rate is 7.2%. The inflation rate is 2.8%.
Currently, it takes 1.48 Canadian dollars to amount to 1 American dollar.Canada's government type is confederation with parliamentary democrac