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What makes a good leader? What is a good leader? Its believed that a good leader possesses many key things: style, charisma, respect, money, publicity, popularity, and looks. Trudeau possessed all of this- he wasn't a good leader, he was an excellent leader. He was our Prime Minister, and he was Canada's ,most influential leader. Pierre Elliot Trudeau won the public by broadening Canada's contacts, working well when under tremendous pressure, and by getting Canada it's constitutionand Bill of Rights from Britain.
Much of Canada is inhabited by immigrants, and many of these immigrants came from Asia and Europe. Thus, this is why he may have been such a successful leader. He wanted to strengthen Canada's independence in World affairs. Early in his term, he changed the nations defence arrangements and expanded it's relations with China and Russia. By doing this, he possibly gained the votes of Chinese- Canadians and Russian-Canadians in 1968 and 1980. Trudeau's interesting and charismatic facade may have also contributed to the voters and other nations interest in him and our country. He was bilingual, had a masters degree of Law from Harvard, and traveling most of Europe. Trudeau's personal life is what may have really made him famous. He wore stylish and colourful clothes, drove fast cars, and enjoyed skiing, skin diving, and canoeing. The publics interest possibly persuaded other countries to befriend us, especially if they noticed how much Trudeau had captivated the country's youth. Trudeau changed the legal voting age from 21 to 18, which pleased and attracted many new voters. Trudeau's interesting way of doing things attracted many to live in Canada and many to do business with it.
Leaders are known for acting cool and level headed under pressure. Although some may crumble under the pressure, others don't- Trudeau didn't. Trudeau and his government were confronted…