Canada Hockey was playedfirst by the Iroquois Indians.

Canada is a huge country full of joy. It always has festivals and fun things to do. Canada is right above the U.S. and it is almost the size of it. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories. Canada has great, big exciting places to visit everywhere! If you desire warmer weather you should come to the South. The more North you get, the colder it is. Once you come to Canada you'll never want to leave because it's like a paradise!
In Canada the paper money they use is called the dollar. The dollars are issued in values of 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 and 100. The Canadian dollar has a value of $1.57 compared to one U.S. dollar. Coins in Canada are called Loonies because there is a picture of a loon on the coin. A loon is a water bird and it's the Canadian national bird. Toonie is a two dollar gold coin. It has a silver colored ring around it.
In Canada sports are very important. Children are encouraged to play sports. It's an important school activity. In New Brunswick there are special programs for beginners to experience new adventures like kayaking, dog sledding and hiking. The national government works to make sure that there is a sports team for every boy and girl. In 1950's soldiers invented the game lacrosse. You use a lacrosse ball and field hockey sticks. Hockey was playedfirst by the Iroquois Indians. Back then there were 200 people on a team but now there is only about 10 or 12 on a team. Football was founded in 1958. Hockey is Canada's national sport. Canadians enjoy playing and watching it. Every park in Montreal has an ice rink. In the summer when there is no ice they just play street hockey.