Introduction 2005). Individual appearance can be an evidence


Social class is how a society is divided along distinctive similar features sharing same bargaining power (Patzer, 1985). They are three classes-upper class levels; members of a society having considerable power over the economy of a country.

Middle class are the members of a society with white collar jobs and a post degree education and lastly the lower class level; the semi skilled manual. According to (Thompson & Hickey, 2005) class levels have a very strong influence on how we decorate our houses, dressing and what type of TV shows we watch.

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The objective of this paper is to know if physical traits can assess a person’s social class. Individual understanding and perception of our physical traits determine the class you belong to but it’s not usually the case. When you look at someone ,the first thing you see “old fashioned clothes” or “old shoes” and you judge solemnly on appearances that he belongs to a lower class, but chances are, he could be from upper class without a sense of style

Physical traits are features you recognize immediately you look at someone, the physical traits I would look for based solely on his or her appearance; are weight, which is the body mass- well built, fat, slim or over weight. Skin tone, is she fairly tanned, or silky? Facial features like the nose, the eyes.

I will consider her personal effects and clothing, the jewelry she’s wearing, cosmetics, clothes and shoes. The height is he tall or short? The texture of her hair; fair, long, silky or rough and lastly modification of his body: plastic surgery, tooth braces and body piercing

The question I would ask if am able to meet her is; “How important is physical appearance in her life?” I will ask this question because the society and media at large has placed so much emphasis on physical appearance, forgetting other important aspects of life.

Our society is spending over billions of shillings on plastic surgery, beauty parlors, very expensive herbal treatments, buying expensive designers clothes and shoes just to improve their appearances which most of the time, they have serious negative effects in their bodies.

They are many features that can be used to identify someone’s class in the society (Thompson & Hickey, 2005). Individual appearance can be an evidence of the social class one belongs, though it’s not necessarily the case. We can argue that personal effects and clothes can help us identify the social class one is, for instance upper class persons, most of the time are well, immaculately dressed and presentable, matching the occasion.

They have fair and smooth skin, well tanned due to the fact that they have a disposable income that they can use in buying expensive beauty products, and can afford plastic surgery and quality skin treatment. The upper class mannerism might be different due to the fact that they don’t attend public schooling though not in all cases, they may be well behaved mannered and courteous


We all sometimes categorize persons according to which social class they belong to, on the basis of physical appearance, where they go for lunch, the places they frequent and we make a conclusion that they belong to a certain class. All in all ones physical appearance should not form the basis of identifying a person’s social standing.


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