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Camille Pissarro’s painting style changed from one period of his career to another. Throughout his career his approach to his art stayed the same. He did his art work in a way that not only reflected what he saw but also who he was. Pissarro thought of light as “inseparable” from an object. With Pissarro’s use of light it was easy to reach beyond what is seen and into emotion.
Pissarro was born July 10th, 1830 on the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas. He went to a small boarding school in Paris at the age of 12. His director at this school told Pissaro to take advantage of his life in the tropics and draw what was around him. Pissarro lost interest in artists that were known as “masters”, he was drawn more towards artist who did not conform to accepted styles.
Pissarro strongly believed in free thoughts and speech. To Pissarro impressionism was a movement that allowed artistic freedom for artist. He was the one of the only impressionist artist to go to all the exhibitions. It was restrictive judges that influenced Pissarro and many other impressionists to form the “Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers.”
Though Pissarro could only sell a few of his paintings in his life times, today they go up for sale at about $4 million. Pissarro was one of thefirst painters to use science of color in art. The work of Camille Pissarro was a big part of influencing 19th century art, yet he is not one of the more wide known artists of his time.
The painting “Red Roofs.” shows some of the bare essentials of impressionism; the beautiful colors, the quick brush strokes, the wonderful nature scene. This picture can in a way take you away from wherever you are and just set you down right in the middle of the beautiful place. The bright colors of the fields in the background and the wonderful almost gray-blue sky really add a great feeling to this painting. The lines of this painting aren’t what really defines the picture; i…