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One of the 14 nations of Southeast Asia, Cambodia lies at the bottom of the Indochinese Peninsula, a body of land that stretches out from the great bulk of China.Of Cambodia's estimated population, about 90 percent are members of the dominant ethnic group, Khmer (Canesso, 63).They speak Khmer, the official language of the country, although many of them also speak some French or Vietnamese.Many Khmer still dress in the traditional clothing that their ancestors adopted centuries ago: a sampot, or knee-length, wraparound skirt, topped by a white tunic or blouse (Canesso, 63).Today, people enjoy bright colored clothing with lively prints.One traditional item still worn by all country Khmer and many city dwellers is the krana, a checkered cloth that can be wrapped around the head turban-style or worn as a scarf or shawl (Canesso, 63).
Today, many Cambodian's live in rural villages.Usually between 100 and 400 people live in a Cambodian village.Many Cambodian families also live on farms.These farms are on the plains.Cambodian farmers grow rice, corn, rubber trees, and vegetables.Adults often work in rice fields and some children also work in the fields as well.Some villages have houses made of thatch and wood.Cambodian's often build their houses on stilts, near the river.The stilts keep houses from flooding during the rainy season.The smaller and poorer homes consist of a single room with one door and no windows.Larger and wealthier homes have several rooms that include windows and plank floors and walls.Inside the houses, a family's simple assortment of furniture may include bed mats and storage chests, baskets, water jars, and perhaps low tables for eating (Canesso, 77).
In recent times, the daily life of the Cambodians has been greatly affected by the new ways violently force on the country.A bewildering mixture of new rules and social patterns that conflict with the tradition…