The John Thornton tries to help Buck

The losses and changes of Buck
In Jack's London's The Call of the Wild, a character named Buck is kidnapped and formed into a strong, courageous, sled dog, that is determined to win back his freedom and go back his home where it is inthe wild.Buck is a dog that was stolen from the Santa Clara county and was forced to live a harsh life in the Yukon. Some examples you will see is Buck changes from a coward who flies when he sees any thing he cant handle to a strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally strong sled dog.
When Buck gets captured by the men he becomes something he really is not. For instance he is become accustomed to live in the Yukon and his "instincts that he had come back again" (London 23). Even thought that Buck used to live in a nice laid back life with his owner he was able to adapt to his new life in the Yukon. He also learns and begins to obey the Law of the Fang but to not die like his friend Curly did, he promised himself he would not "kick the bucket" like that.
His strong determination in what he does helps him a lot in the book and how he reacts to some hard times he faced his mental awareness helps him understand to live by the Law of the Fang or die not doing it. The law of the fang is when you obey the law that the dogs made so they can live peacefully. One of the men in this book John Thornton tries to help Buck succeed. Buck does not realize until John Thornton is the only that actually cares for him. "While other men" just thought of him as a use of hard work but Thornton though and "saw the welfare of their dogs from a sense of duty" (London 71). He treatedthe dogs as he was his own flesh and blood.
Buck progress in a slow but steady manner. He is no longer a red eyeddevil but a tough sled dog. One of thefirst things