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Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost country of the Caribbean is known for its rich culture and natural non-renewable resources. Examples of such resources are crude oil, in the form of petroleum, and natural gas. There are many companies, both local and foreign, that have investments in these resources. Not only do these companies gain from the country's resources but they also give back to the country in many different forms. Two such forms are social and economical development of Trinidad and Tobago. For social development, they are major sponsors of sports, education and cultural events and for economical development; they provide employment and foreign revenue for the government, which results in economic growth of the country. One such company is British Gas of Trinidad and Tobago, BGTT.
In ancient history, sports were played mostly, if not only, by men and were seen as hobbies and a form of recreation. However, in recent years, sports have developed, not only as competitions but also to include both genders. BGTT has been an active sponsor in the development of sports for the youths, most of which are secondary school programs, for more than eight years. The companyfirst started with cricket. Since 1995 they sponsored the national under 15 cricket team and four years later, in 1999, they also started sponsoring the under 17 cricket team. In 2002 they added two more sports to their sponsorship programs. These were the Secondary Schools Netball Association and the Secondary School Football League. Due to the sponsorship of these teams, they are able to participate in many competitions and represent our country in games regionally and internationally.
Not only did BGTT sponsor sports and lead to its development in Trinidad and Tobago but they also co-sponsored, along with other companies that also has investments in the natural resources of the country, the building of two centers that would aid in the education and d…