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By: Jenny HuaBTS’s Smashing Comeback9.5 out of 10 starsA Long JourneyBTS’s has traveled a long but successful journey starting from the beginning of their debut in June of 2013. After their huge success with their “school trilogy” series, their third mini-album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 makes a smashing comeback. Released on April 29, 2015 under Big Hit Entertainment, the album consisted of 9 songs in total, centered around the concept “Youth,” a slightly different and softer concept from their past albums of intense and gratingly bombastic productions in Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2? and Dark&Wild. However, BTS have always focused on the trials and tribulations of youth, so it’s no surprise that they are able to tackle the topic so successfully and insightfully. The new tracklist goes for more a melodic approach but still allows them to keep their signature biting rap style. The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt.1 album has reached a new peak for the boys, selling more than 188,000 (according to Nielsen Music),  landing them at the No. 2 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and No. 6 on Heatseekers Albums, a record they would soon break drastically in their future albums. Aside from the dreamy title, the mini album is entirely something else, leaving a striking impression that cannot be ignored and leaves the audience hanging on for more. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 starts off with “Intro: Mood for Love,” a solo intro that shines the spotlight on Suga. The background music of hollow slap of the basketball on the court mixed with the squeak of his trainers exudes a sense of intense distress, with the lyrics based around the concept of a young man playing basketball, pushing himself to reach the rim, to score no matter how far away the goal. Suga releases his aggravation, teeth bared, throat raw from growling at the world, expressing his frustration towards his desire to chase his dream but his fear of reality keeps holding him back from pursuing it. He raps with enough raw emotion to draw you in from the first jagged breath and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. After the intro, the musical grace along with lyrical tenderness spills over into lead single, “I Need U.” While the dubstep and autotune of the song develops a more melodic and sentimental mood with a soft but extremely catchy chorus, you can still sense the frustration within the rap verses as our protagonist is fed up with his lover, but despite the very real, very inelegant anger radiating from him, he can’t deny that he needs her, a primal yearning for the person that rips out his heart and leaves him bleeding out with just her touch. The song overall is a very relatable to those who had been in a relationship where they are less appreciated by their significant other and those who have gone through this phase where they encounter their first love and have a hard time letting him/ her go despite being treated badly. The idea of needing someone by your side so you won’t feel lonely is a common thought or feeling upon many youths. Beautiful acoustic piano riffs and light synths open “Hold Me Tight”, a mid-tempo contemporary R&B hip-hop number that contains  a rhythmic rap with a little bit of “Give it to Me” thrown in there to break up the surprisingly plain and repetitive melody, giving it a bit more life and the song its cherry-syrup sway . The song is really just the classic forlorn lover trope based on a hapless protagonist who’s in an unhealthy relationship with a woman that is coming to an end. He loves this woman a lot and it pains him to know that the relationship is ending. All he wants her to do is to embrace him, to hold him tight in her arms. He knows she’s dangerous and bad for him but he’s willing to feel the pain just to be able to be in her arms. All he wants is another chance to feel, to hold, to breathe again, a pleading lament Keith Sweat would be proud of. “Hold Me Tight” is one of those songs where you encounter and can never get bored of it. From RM’s singing to Jimin’s high note, BTS definitely slayed this one. After a short skit, the album offers what was actually expected of the group, the uptempo side with a whole lot of hype, swagger, and energy, which immediately hooks the audience. The use of super addicting string synths mix to simulate the mosquito whine of a saxophone is something not exactly commonplace in hip-hop, and BTS managed to pull it off incredibly well. “Dope” makes excellent use of crescendo to keep listeners hanging on by the skin of their teeth for that bass drop and pounding beats that are imprinted into your mind at once. And when the bass finally drops, it gets inside your chest and makes its way to your limbs until you’re bouncing around the house breaking stuff. In addition, the lyrics of the song talk about the dopeness of hustling, chasing your dreams, and not following society standards, which is a positive message for many young listeners. Through a upbeat and catchy song, BTS is able to remind their fans or youths, in general, to keep dreaming and to never give up and that there will be people along the way that tries to step on you on your way to success but you can’t let them stop you, you got to keep hustling and chasing your dream. The next song takes a shift in musical direction, being more JYP corny than Crush grown ‘n’ sexy, showing the playful side of the group as “Boyz with Fun” kicks off with an unusual a cappella styled chant by the members. It’s a hype song that uses bass instruments and rhythmic beats to obtain a funky retro vibe. This entertaining number reminiscent of 80’s funk hip-hop is full of humor and character and is perfect for BTS’s enthusiastic and hyper personalities. Overall, it’s a fun song for fans to just dance and groove to as the audience can’t help but smile and dance to it when it comes up. Another song worth mentioning is the mellow, hip-hop number with a nostalgic 90’s flavor with paired with light percussion beats and simple electronic guitar chords, “Move.” What many fans don’t realize is that the song was in fact, inspired by BTS real life move from their home in Nonhyun Dong, hence the lyrics: “Nonhyun Dong, 3rd floor, thank you.” In this song, BTS reminisce about the three years that had come and gone since their debut. They talked about the struggles they had encountered and felt during their trainee days and after they had debuted. And as they move on, grow, and go higher as artists, they want to remember the struggles they had and all the tears they cried as some “beautiful memories.” The mellow song tells the story of how far BTS has come since their trainee days and tears of sadness for all the struggle and pain they had to deal with as a trainee and after they debuted, conveying their honest emotions through this song. The lyrics tell the story of the true beginning of BTS, the BTS that existed back in 2010 but had so many member changes that RM, the last one left of the original lineup, wasn’t even sure if he was ever going to debut. To top it all off, in contrast with the fierce album opener, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt.1 finishes off with an unexpectedly clean and calming ballads. Love is Not Over uses simple piano strings as the foundation to accompany the boys’ wistful vocals and delivers an emotional temporary goodbye and helps to cushion the groove of the track, which continues the album’s overall feeling of tenderness and youth.Overall, all the songs in this album were produced and the order of the tracks definitely flow well together. BTS concept of their third mini album of youth was successfully portrayed that through this album and contained moments of guttural elegance and emotion that punches the audience right in the gut yet soothes them soon after. A solid 9.5 out of 10!