Business customer satisfaction and explore new market to

Business name is devoted to achieve the combination of technology,
managerial skills, innovation and social and environmental responsibilities to
provide the added value which ensure the customer satisfaction and explore new
market to promote and expand sales of company through good governance and
foster sound dynamic team.

Vision statement

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To attain market leadership through unmatched quality,
responsibility, respected processor for entire range of fabrics, the highest ethical
and professional standards and delivering on our commitments with fair trade
practices. Company that is fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable
basis in the economy of Pakistan.

Business goals and Objectives

Business goals

Long term goals

Open 5 new stores in prime location of Karachi with all
business functions interlined via company network over the next 10 years.

Increases total revenue by over 60% over the next 5 years.

Short term goals

Increase the number of available styles and choices

To eliminates duplicates of product design

To decreases quantities, produce to decrease the inventory

Increase total revenue by 10% over the next 1 year.

Quality is priority

Increases employee’s satisfaction over the job through
different incentives and bonus programs

Provide friendly environment and opportunities that can enhances
employee’s skills and expertise

To design programs for preserving with the natural

Business objectives.

To achieve high share of market in class of working women

To create valuable image in customer’s mind

To provide wide range of seasonal wear

To build strong relation within and outside the organization
through quality product and services

To achieve superior performance as measured by return on investment
through systematic sustainable and profitable growth

Committed to run as independent clothing firm (designing or

Be able to expand our product and services in the region of
our choices

To be present in all target market

To develop an e-commerce solution that will not only improve
profitability and company processes.