Understanding partners are plentiful. But it also means

Understanding one?s culture is a very important key factor for your global business to be successful. In my following presentation, I will briefly discuss some key ideas that you will need to keep in mind while you are doing business in Taiwan. If you listen to me carefully, you will surely have no problem becoming a CEO in Taiwan; at least, you don?t need to worry about your name appears on the headline of business entertainment section.
Thefirst point I am going to talk about is GREETINGS AND COURTESIES
Upon meeting someone, Chinese lower their eyes slightly as a sign of respect. Staring into the eyes of a Chinese might make them uncomfortable. Face (mianzi), a measure of one’s dignity, is crucial in Taiwan. Taiwanese are enormously sensitive to maintaining face in everything they do. Saying or doing anything that causes someone to lose face can instantly destroy a relationship and any business that might result from it. Never insult or openly criticize someone in front of others. Do not treat someone as a person of lowly rank if their position in their company is high. A person’s face is also their company’s face. The relationship you develop with a person represents your relationship with his entire company.
Dwarfed by and staunchly opposing the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan regards business with the rest of the world as crucial to its survival, economically and politically. Taiwanese businessmen are generally practical and shrewd. Work is one of their most prized virtues, and they are willing to work ten or more hours each day. Taiwanese prefer to have their own business rather than be employed by a large corporation. This has resulted in thousands of small-scale, family-owned companies, and potential partners are plentiful. But it also means that business rivalries can be intensely personal and sometimes vicious. Taiwanese behavior is largely determined by Confuci