This the importance of the imaging technologies

This question required a discussion of issues encountered in informatics, with the transition from two-dimensional image processing to three-dimensional image processing. It also required a discussion of different features of two-dimensional image processing that have been adopted in the three-dimensional image processing.

The writer has illustrated some issues that are associated with this transition. A significant issue that arises is the difference existing for data between three-dimensional images and two-dimensional images.

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This has been illustrated in the essay. Images in three-dimensional images have large amounts of data that reflect on the image processing system. Moreover, data transfer between sensors and processors will be lower in the three dimensional case.

Besides, unlike the two-dimensional images, the topological characteristics of three-dimensional images are complex. They are characterized by features such as knots, links, and holes. This complexity reflects on the design and evaluation of algorithms like surface thinning, thereby making 3D image processing more challenging.

Region growing is an image operation that is easily transferable from the 2D image processing to 3D image processing. This has also been addressed in the essay. Similar illustrations are provided for edge detection in 3D image processing.

However, the essay is poorly written, with numerous writing mistakes. Primarily, ideas in the essay are not organized in a logical manner that can be comprehended. In addition, unnecessary concepts form the bulk of the essay.

For instance, there is an elaborate introduction to the field of bioinformatics, much of which would be applicable in a broader context. The definition of “imaging informatics” is unnecessary in this discussion, and it appears after the idea has been used in the literature.

Indeed, the concept of informatics or bioinformatics is concerned with the activities involved in obtaining and processing information into a form that can be of better value in the relevant professions. The importance of imaging in medicine and other fields cannot be overemphasized.

The difference in the human perception of 3D and 2D images that calls for 3D image processing is the major focus of development in the field of informatics. The last paragraph of the essay addresses the importance of the imaging technologies in the field of medicine.

Indeed, their necessity in the study of the anatomy of human being is addressed here. In addition, the need for three-dimensional imaging as opposed to two-dimensional imaging is highlighted. These issues were not to be addressed in this discussion.

Besides, the essay has many grammatical mistakes including use of verbs, tenses, articles, and prepositions. Missing punctuation marks, especially commas, are common throughout the essay.

The writer has also shown poor writing skills in developing the essay. Numerous sentences in the essay are vague, incomplete, and not comprehensive, indicating a mixture of ideas when writing. In addition, ideas of the writer are jumbled up throughout a given sentence, such that, they may not be collected to understand the intended message.

For instance, the second paragraph begins with the following sentence; “Two dimensional image processing involve transformation that will a lot for the modification that aide human when activity viewing the image data.” The writer attempts to describe the kind of transformation involved in a two-dimensional image processing and its implication, but fails to express the idea.

The sentence proceeds into another direction with misplaced or misused nouns like “activity” and “aide.” Several other sentences are of this structure, indicating that ideas are not made up before writing. This is also an indication that the writer did not review the essay after writing.