The samurai did what they needed to. There

The movie, The Last Samurai, wasn't far off from the philosophical ideals of Inazo Nitobe.I do agree, however, that it did not go in depth about the ideal of bushido.However, I do not see many interpreted facts about bushido.The samurai in the movie is shown as the brave and honorable warriors described in the book, Bushido.I believe Hollywood never could portray the true meaning very well in the movie.It is hard to go in depth so much through a movie.I did enjoy the movie very much.However, according to the feudal systems and the way of the Bushido, it wasn't too clearly expressed in the movie.
Bushido talks about how the warriors came about, and shows how the feudal system worked.It expresses the ways of the samurai and goes in depth into their ideals.The Last Samurai does go into some point about how the samurai work; however, it doesn't show in depth why they do such things.There were still many hidden meanings and many people only watched the movie for the fighting.The movie, itself, of course was superb, but if someone were to watch to understand the way of bushido, they wouldn't get what they wanted.It is only a quarter of dollar.It does not give the entire dollar.The Bushido ideals were not fully expressed in the movie and the movie lacked many reasons of why the samurai did what they needed to.
There was too much focus on Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) and overcoming his regret of his past.It focuses him just realizing that there are different ways of looking at life rather than using western machinery.It does not really go into depth about the samurai's ideal life and their bushido.It doesn't expand out in a good manner of explaining the bushido way and why the samurai honor it so much.The last samurai basically talks about the story of one man.It does integrate some of bushido ideals, however, it lacks many in depth details.It is understandable since he…