The theme of this story shows how destructive

The film Burning Mississippi was based on the prejudice acts towards the African Americans in the south and in this case Mississippi.The time was in the 50's an 60's during the period of the Ku Klux Klan.The reason for these acts of hate was because the white men thought that they where the only race that mattered and the African Americans where the scum of society.In the movie it shows how even the law was out to get the African Americans, because when ever the KKK did something such as burning down houses and lynching negros they would just sit back and not step in and do anything about it.To prove that I want to tell you about thefirst scene that happened in the movie. There was three males driving on the road at night time and they were approached by three other cars and,the three males didn't no who they were so they pulled and it was two police man and a few other men.Well the three men in the car were a negro and two white males, all three were shot dead by the police men because he didn't think that white males should talk or even be seen with a negro.These white males where considered negro lovers.The veryfirst image that sticks in your mind is the officer putting his gun to the boys head and pulling the trigger.This shows how savage they are.
There are many characters in this film, there are all the F.B.I agents trying to find the three boys then the police, towns people, African Americans, and Clayton the police mans wife.
The theme of this story shows how destructive mankind can be towards one another.
I do not agree with the theme of this story because I don't think that mankind should destroy one another, no matter how we don't like other we shouldn't destroy each other.
I think Hollywood did a good job on making this accurate to how it was back in the day.They really went into depth to show how it reall