BROTHERLY the back seat I shot jungle juice

The snow fell from the night sky like millions of little white stars that lost their hold on the firmament.Little Sammy always one to love the snow ignored it for the moment, showing uncharacteristic concern for his brother.
“What’s the matter Todd?You’ve been acting strange all day.I know something’s on your mind or you wouldn’t have that look on your face.You always look that way when something’s wrong”.
“Oh, it’s nothing important little brother, just problems with Sandra again last night.The date went fine and I actually liked the flick this time but later in the back seat I shot jungle juice everywhere before we could even get started.If this had been thefirst time I wouldn’t be so angry but dammit,” he accented his curse by punching his thigh, “it’s been four times now”.
Sammy’s brow creased for a moment in thought and then his eyes lit up.Being a bit too quick of a thinker, Sammy often stated the obvious and did so now.
“Remember that scare you had when you were slamming saddles every night with Judith?She had to go out and buy a pregnancy test.Obviously you weren’t having much trouble with her; I think it must have something to do with Sandra herself”.
Todd could almost see the light Sammy was basking in from the bulb above his head and offered the tyke a warm smile.Sammy was only twelve years old but sometimes he dissapointed Todd with his slow wits.
He liked to encourage the boy though and did not mention that he had already come to this conclusion quite some time ago.Even Albert Einstein had trouble in his youth and he could see that Sammy had that kind of potential.In fact he was lucky his brother could think at all.Some kids were born retarded you know.
“That’s probably right kid but I just don’t know what it could be about her that makes me miss the boat and jizz every time.I mean I got my lovebone all poised to slip inside that perfec…