I details.I chose to compare the ideas

I recently attended the play, Brigadoon by loewe and lerner, at my local college theater.Through all of the plays mystical events and songs, I noticed some very important details.I chose to compare the ideas in the play to some specific ideas held by a group of people in Italy.The mounted their ideas together to form a period in our history called the Renaissance.This was thefirst thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about my comparison.A play acts as its own time period as it resembles a mere image of real life.A play could relate to almost any person, place, or thing.
Thefirst comparison I would like to talk about deals with themes.The Renaissance period is often referred to as the, “rebirth”, period.People in Italy changed the way of living by creating an organized and free way of living.I believe that Brigadoons main theme deals with the rebirth of Tommy Albright’s life.Tommy Albright is one of the main stars in the play Brigadoon.He is from New York and is on a trip with one of his best friends.He is also engaged at the very beginning of the play but he is in no rush to settle down.Tommy and his friend run into this hidden town called Brigadoon in the middle of Scotland.It is here were Tommy falls in love with a girl named Fiona.However, the laws of Brigadoon forbid Fiona to leave with Tommy and go back to New York.Tension arises and Tommy leaves his loved one in Brigadoon.Once Tommy is back in New York he realizes his mistake and finds his rebirth.He realizes what he wants and who he wants to become.Tommy goes back to Brigadoon and stays with Fiona, leaving everything else behind.
The comparison seems so close yet far away.In time everything goes through a little change or rebirth.But the renaissance and Tommy’s rebirth was different.These changes delt with fate, destiny, and prosperity.The renaissance period has shaped our culture today.I might not even be writ