Brief Notes on the Administrative System of Iltutmish

Iltutmish not only tried to remove all these evils but also made efforts to implement some reforms in various spheres of administration. In fact, Iltutmish was a successful victor and competent ruler. His following works need special mention.

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First of all, in order to crush the power of opponent nobles, he organized a group of forty slaves who were helpful to the Sultan’ in every sphere of administration. “They were really powerful and very much devoted to the Sultan.

The Sultan not only appointed them as his counselors but also appointed them on various important posts in the army and administration. They played a very important role in the success of Iltutmish.

The contribution of Iltutmish in the field of justice is praise­worthy. Ibn-i-Batuta writes about it, “Two lions of marble were built in front of the palace of the Sultan and bells were hung in their necks. The oppressed used to ring these bells and justice was done to them after listening to their requests.

Besides, in the capital, he appointed Qazis and Amir Dad in all the big towns of the kingdom so that everybody could get justice. People had the right to appeal to the Chief Qazi against the decisions of the Qazis. The Sultan him­self was the last court of justice. Thus the Sultan was supreme in the field of legislature.

Iltutmish was the first Muslim ruler who introduced pure Arabic coins. This coin was called Tank) and weighed 175 grains. Tank was made of gold and silver alike. The reform of introducing new coins enabled” the people to have faith in the durability of the Sultan.

Moreover as the name of the Khalifa was inscribed on the coins, people began to respect the Sultan” Thomas writes, “Iltltutmish con­stituted the veritable commencement of the silver coinage of the Delhi Sultanate.”

Iltutmish introduced some significant changes in the army system of the Sultanate. He began to award Jagirs to high officers and military officers in place of cash payment Later on, the system of Jagirs proved fatal; however, Iltutmish continued to maintain peace and order in the kingdom due to his military skill.

Iltutmish was a patron of art and literature. He gave shelter to all those Muslim the blogians who (led Central Asia due to Mongol upheavals. (Amir Khusrau’s father was one of them. Thus during his reign, the court of Delhi was the centre of art, learning and literature. He had great love for architecture.

The construction of Qutub Minar was completed during his reign. Besides, the Sultan got some mosques constructed during his reign Learned persons like Minhaj- us-Siraj, Tajuddin, and others were the select gems of his court.