Bovine some animals to be fed to

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE),
otherwise known as Mad Cow Disease is a disease that caused much frantic across
the globe. The outside reading titled “Not Alive, but Deadly: Prions and ‘Mad
Cow’ Disease” from Biology, A Guide to the Natural World published in 2002 by
Prentice Hall writes that this disease roots from a protein that is deformed
known as a prion. This is a credible secondary source because it comes straight
from a textbook so it has interpreted and analyzed the data from the scientists
who published it. It attacks other proteins causing them to become misshapen
which leads to eventual holes being created in the brain. I strongly believe
that there is any kind of correlation between Altoids and mad cow disease. According
to the FDAs article “All About BSE (Mad Cow Disease)”, It is not possible in
the U.S. to allow some animals to be fed to cows. This is a primacy source and
I think it is credible because this is quote describes a restriction placed
upon the people created by the FDA. Since the Food and Drug Administration is
the one that created this policy, it is credible because this government funded
agency posted this article. Since Altoids are made out of gelatin which is made
out of cow bones, this shows that they cannot create Mad Cow Disease because
these cows aren’t being fed any animal parts that aren’t FDA approved. The FDA
created this policy based strictly off of the Mad Cow Disease incident so the
fear of Altoids being linked to that disease is irrational. Another reason why
there isn’t a connection is because we have better technology available
compared to before when Mad Cow Disease was prevailing. Scientific American
article “Test Spots Human Form of Mad Cow Disease with 100 Percent Accuracy”
written by Catherine Caruso article on December 21 2016 states that there is
now tests available based off blood screening which is able to diagnose someone
with that disease with complete accuracy. This is relevant because of Altoids
were to be linked to Mad Cow Disease, tests could be done to prove that there
was. This is a secondary source and I believe it is credible because there is
not a sign of any biasness or leaning towards one side. It is strictly factual
and informative which leads to it being a credible source. Third, a case of Mad
Cow Disease in the U.S. is extremely rare. According to the Centers of Disease
Control and Prevention and has only occurred five times since 2003. That is
five cows in fifteen years and each cow that was identified had been caught
before it could even be process or breed. They had been caught on the U.S.

Department of Agriculture’s surveillance which is done very often. The probability
of Altoids being made of cows with BSE is highly unlikely to the point where it
is considered impossible just because of all the precautions that are done and
the tracking on these cows. This is a primary source and it is credible because
it is a government funded organization and it was written by professionals.

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Their job is to ensure safety for the public so this is credible because they
are putting out accurate information. After doing this assignment, I am wondering
as to what the probability of something similar to BSE occurring again but with
another animal instead. If this could happen to those specific animals, could
it occur to other animals like horses or even household pets such as dogs? A
second question I have is how long can something with BSE survive if it is not
put down? My third question is if we have parts in our body that can fight off
common illnesses, could our bodies somehow adapt and create one strong enough
to fight off something as strong as BSE?