Mao had a nation been transformed with such

Mao Zedong had ruled China for more than a quarter of a century. During his rule in China for twenty-five years, he had failed to bring prosperity to China. Mao's policies had brought so many catastrophes and suffering to China. In 1966, Mao had launched a Cultural Revolution, a political movement to regain credibility after the fiasco of the Great Heap Forward, a campaign launched by Mao himself to dramatically speed up economic productivity through establishing "people's communes" and decentralizing industrial protection. A decade later in 1976, Mao died leaving China's economy in shreds and the people of China exhaust due to more than two decades of political chaos. As China began to move away from Maoism, Hua Guofeng, Mao's official successor, brought back Maoism by quoting, "We must obey chairman Hua like we obeyed Mao." In 1978, Hua lost power to Deng Xiaoping and his followers. A new era had begun for China. A new chapter BORN UNDER THE FLAG was written for Chinese history. Never in Earth's history had a nation been transformed with such speed and magnitude.
Deng Xiaoping was a former Communist Party leader who had been purged twice in the Cultural Revolution. Atfirst, Deng allowed a freer political atmosphere during which people began to air their long-suppressed grievances. During that time period a new movement, so called the "Democracy Wall Movement" had surfaced. Atfirst Deng allowed the people to voice out and rebel against the Communist Party, but once it became too strong, he cracked the movement by jailing the activists and leaders.
Deng, along with his reformers Hu Yaobang and Shao Ziyang, began blending socialism with a free market economy and Special Economic Zones were opened along the east coast to attract foreign capital and technology. The agriculture collectives located in the countryside were all dispersed and the peasants were allowed to profit fro…