This changing its once traditionally Spanish customs.She

This book was kind of weird.It was about a Puerto Rican girl named Consuelo, who is "coming of age" in the 1950s while the Americans influence is changing its once traditionally Spanish customs.She is fairly normal except the fact that her sister suffers from schizophrenia. This makes a fairly normal family go through tough times in order to stay intact but things go really crazy when her father or papi starts cheating on her mother or mami and Consuelo, the good daughter, "gives herself" to a boy at her high school, Wilhelm, who afterwards rejects her and goes out with her best friend.Driven by revenge and her love of her sister, Mili, she does whatever she has to and makes any needed sacrifices in order to help her family.
This story is very believable for the most part.This story is mostly believable because in the 1950s men were still mostly the king of their household and the women were supposed to do whatever they say.Also it is believable because of how the island is still mostly Spanish and the American influence is new and English is not completely known to most people.However there are things in this book that make it not believable.Onething that makes this story unbelievable is how young of an age the kids in this story are getting married and having sex.I thought that getting married so young was illegal and having sex so young was a more recent problem.On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest I would rate its believability as an eight.
This story although I didn't like it held my interest.It, in my opinion, is oneof those books that is not so interesting that you can't put it down yet it's not so uninteresting that it hurts to pick it up.I was to the point where I had to read it so I just had to read and read yet I didn't feel so bad because I sort of wanted to finish.Ho